It’s time to face truth about why country is in turmoil

No extra bureaucracy is needed.
No extra bureaucracy is needed.

‘So we have got a crisis in the NHS, we are short of doctors and nurses, we are building houses all over the country and rolling back the green belt.

Schools are bursting at the seams, motorways are at times gridlock. You cannot get a doctor’s appointment when you want to see one, but no one will say why the country is in turmoil.

The truth is there are too many people being allowed to come in.

This cannot be allowed to carry on. We are only a small island. The sooner we clamp down on immigration the better.

If we don’t, things will only get worse in a few years time. At the rate they are building houses all over the country there will be no green belt as we know it. We only need these doctors, nurses and houses because of the immigration issue and it is not about racism it is about common sense.

But what do you expect when past and present governments are giving away billions of pounds every year.

Talk about lunatics running the asylum.’

Alan Warner, reader

By email