Jobless man is jailed for having knife in the street

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A jobless man has been jailed for four months after being seen talking to himself as he wielded a knife in a Belper street.

Derby Crown Court heard that police went to Peter Sisson’s room in the town and found he had lined up six knives near his bed.

Sisson, 40, had 41 previous convictions, including one of having a prohibited weapon – a stun gun concealed in a torch.

Recorder Sarah Wright told him: “Those who wield knives in public go to prison.

“You accept your actions would have caused distress and alarm.

“I sincerely hope you will get help on your release to 
address your mental health and drug issues.”

Nicki Forster, prosecuting, said Sisson was spotted carrying a large knife on New Road, Belper, at about 5pm on September 19.

A woman said it looked like a carving knife, she told the court.

“He was constantly 
waving the knife up and down, up towards his face and bringing it down again.

“He was talking to himself but she could not make out what he was saying.

“She was concerned not only for Mr Sisson but for the welfare of the public and saw him walk towards the town centre,” said Miss Forster.

Sisson was living in a property on High Street, Belper, where the security guard 
noticed he had a carrier bag with a black handle sticking out.

Miss Forster added: “He thought it was a knife but decided it could have been a pan and made no further enquiries.”

When police arrived, they saw six knives laid on a chest of drawers next to his bed.

Later they found a receipt for knives bought from a Poundland store and Sisson said he had got them for his new home.

Annette Thomas, mitigating, said: “He accepts it caused people distress and alarm on the street.

“He accepts it could have been a dangerous situation.”

While in custody awaiting sentence, he had been given responsibility, working in the grounds and on “waste control”, she said.

Sisson had managed to get off amphetamines, she added.

Sisson pleaded guilty to a charge of having a bladed 
article in public.