Join us for an charity walk

I would like to invite active readers whose appetite for a challenge is being whetted by the forthcoming Olympic Games to join us for Treelay – a sponsored walk and cycle in the Highlands from May 5-19, which will help fund the restoration of one of Britain’s great forests.

Treelay celebrates the planting of the Millionth Tree in the Caledonian Forest by award-winning conservation charity, Trees for Life.

The route begins and ends at our Dundreggan Estate near Loch Ness, linking every western Highlands site where we have carried out forest restoration work over almost 25 years.

We hope that Treelay will be a worthwhile prelude to the Olympic Torch relay, which begins on the same day that Treelay ends. We won’t have an Olympic Torch of course, but instead participants will journey with something that we think is just as exciting – our Millionth Tree.

The tree will be planted at Dundreggan during a day of events on May 20.

Participants are asked to raise at least £100, and can sign up for one or more of 12 individual legs, which vary from 13km to 43km. For details, please contact, call 01309 691292 or visit

Alan Watson


Executive Director