Jubilee Jam Jars: The facts

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Girl Guides are the latest group to get behind our Jubilee Jam Jars appeal.

The 2nd Belper St Peter’s Guides, who meet at the town’s congregational church, dropped-off a large container rammed full of coppers for us following a collection.

Around 40 jars and bags have now been presented to us and overall the total stands at more than £200.

There are about enough coppers in the kitty to install a tree and plaque in a prominent location in Belper to commemorate the 60th year of Her Majesty’s reign.

But we are hoping to get enough money to plant two trees so our appeal will remain open until around August for anyone wishing to donate.

That will mean all the cash is in place for the autumn, which is the best time of year to plant a tree when the soil is warm after the summer and damp from autumnal rain, giving a young tree a good chance to root.

Amber Valley Borough Council bosses say locations it might go include the River Gardens or the Memorial Gardens, but the latter would have to be in agreement with Belper Town Council.

The News has been asking for your donations since teaming up with the council to get a tree and plaque installed in the town to mark the 60-year reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Since then, the News Corner shop on King Street has kindly been collecting jam jars overflowing with coppers from generous readers as thousands of people celebrated the jubilee during events throughout the town and gave generously.

We want you to donate the pennies you would normally keep in containers such as jam jars and the likes.

Belper News editor Julie Crouch said: “Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. We have been amazed at the response – but not surprised because we know how generous Belper News readers are.

“We still need to dig deep though - check the back of the sofa, empty out those pots and donate your pennies.”

If you wish to donate your jam jars of cash you can drop them off at the News Corner, at the top of King Street, opposite the Market Place in Belper, or at our office in Ripley at 27 Grosvenor Road.

We’ll do the rest and will print updates in the paper, online at www.belpernews.co.uk, on Twitter at @belperlatest and on our Facebook page at Belper News.