Judge gives drug-dealing friend of stabbing victim a chance before sentencing

Pictured is Derby Crown Court.
Pictured is Derby Crown Court.

The best friend of a fatal stabbing victim, who was also attacked on the night the young father died, has pleaded guilty to drug dealing charges.

Derby Crown Court heard on Friday, June 22, how Declan Maw, 23, of no fixed abode, was caught dealing heroin and cocaine through a car window in the car park of a Travelodge, on Brimington Road, Chesterfield, in September last year.

Maw had been with dad-of-three Jarvin Blake on the night he was attacked and stabbed at the junction of Catherine Street and Brackley Street, in Burngreave, Sheffield, on March 8.

During the same incident Maw was given such a kicking his leg was detached from his pelvis, defence barrister Robert Smith said.

And the court revealed how Maw was caught dealing heroin and cocaine through a car window in the car park of a Travelodge, in Chesterfield.

Police swooped on the vehicle and 39 heroin and 38 cocaine deals, worth a total of almost £800, were recovered, according to the court.

Maw, who appeared in the dock wearing a t-shirt which had a photograph of Jarvin on it, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply drugs and brought a bag to court expecting to be jailed.

But Judge Shaun Smith QC deferred sentencing for six months.

He told him: “I am familiar with what is happening in Sheffield as it is my home city and I read about it every night in The Star.

“I know that Jarvin Blake case and I have a letter from the CPS confirming to me you are a victim.

“My two options are to send you to prison, taking off the amount of time you are entitled to from your plea or I can carry on letting you show me what you have been doing over the past four to five months by staying out of trouble.

“What I am going to do is defer your sentence until December.

“Your part of the deal is that if you stay out of trouble I won’t send you to prison.

“My part of the deal is that if you do then I will, and I have in mind two years.

“Stay out of the areas of Sheffield where there is trouble.

“You know where they are and I know where they are.”

Kevin Taylor, prosecuting, said on the day of the drug dealing offence, on September 6, last year, Maw went from Sheffield into Chesterfield where he was watched by officers as he passed drugs out of the car window to a person on a bicycle.

He said: “Police swooped and the defendant threw a gold ball-sized bag into the lap of the person in the passenger seat.

“That was recovered and was found to contain 39 individual heroin deal and 38 cocaine which would have been sold on the streets for £770.

“A mobile phone was also recovered and analysed and was found to contain messages consistent that the defendant was involved in drug dealing.”

Defence barrister Mr Smith said his client left school aged 16 and studied for a diploma in business management for a further two years at City College, Sheffield.

He said Maw is estranged from his mother and had lived with his father and brother in Sheffield but his father’s death in 2016 saw him turn to crime.

Mr Smith added: “He was the best and closet friend of Jarvin Blake who was attacked, stabbed and died.

“He was attacked at the same time and was given such a kicking that his legs were detached from his pelvis.

“Following that the police have been able to find a safe house for him.

“He is obviously still very distressed by the loss of Jarvin Blake.”