Keep an eye on the plans


I hope people are keeping up with the current consultation on the local development framework of the borough council. In particular, citizens should be seeking out a map “Options for Housing Growth” on which are shown “Potential Strategic Housing Sites.” In the case of Belper, I would draw attention to the site of B1 as Far Laund and site B2, south of Kilbourne Road and the Valliant factory.

To my mind Far Laund would be a better site for a supermarket than the current “ERIC” site around Derwent Street.

This avoids the problem of the World Heritage Site and traffic congestion along Bridge Street. There should be enough room for some housing as well.

At the B2 site, the picture is confused by the long-standing “Employment site” usually known as “Bullsmoor”. It was in the 1994 local plan.

Some determined action will be needed to bring this site into use. This means that the borough council will have to declare and “area” to give itself compulsory purchase powers. Probably some houses in Kilbourne Road will need to be demolished.

If you are against new housing in Belper you need to support sites D1 and D2, in the Mackworth area. Although these sites are in Amber Valley, they form new suburbs for Derby City. The housing has to go somewhere.

It is no use waiting until the actual planning application is made and them objecting in principle. A scheme for a new estate usually produces an outbreak of hysteria among existing residents near the estate, but it is too late by then.

This consultation doesn’t end until September 30. The relevant telephone number is (01773) 841584.

Paul Gibbons