Letter: Ignore council over brown bin wrangle

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I can well understand Debbie Maher’s frustration with the Amber Valley Council as outlined in her letter to your paper on 2nd July.

The answer lies in her own hands.

Ignore the AVBC and sort out her garden.

She can buy at least two compost bins and then put in layers of material such as lawn cuttings, food waste but not meat and the like, garden weeds and anything that will rot down.

She should buy some Garrotta or a similar product to help the process and wait for the resulting rich compost.

If she has trees or shrubs she could buy a shredder to shred the prunings and either add these to the bins or put them directly on the borders.

All the compost can be put on the soil and either dug in or left to go in naturally.

I have a big garden with quite a few trees and shrubs and a number of lawns and this system works well for me with four bins and four water butts.

Granville V. Stone