LETTERS: My great great grandad is in Butterley photo


My name is Patricia Claypole, I was Patricia Disney before I married.

On 10th September you published a photograph of Butterley Cricket Club and on this was my great great grandad James Disney who played cricket for Butterley but he also played for Derbyshire and England.

His name was James Joseph and he was born 20th November, 1859 at Green Hillocks on 28th November, 1880.

When he was 21 he married Jane Elizabeth Cheetham at Swanwick Baptist Church.

In 1881 they were boarders with a John Clarke James was described as a plumber and his wife was a domestic housekeeper. By 1890 they lived with his in-laws at Lowes Hill, Ripley.

In 1901 he was a boilermakers labourer. In 1911 he was 51 and a driller at bridge works. In 1881 he played in a Colts cricket match and on 23rd May he made his debut for Derbyshire he was the first Derbyshire wicket keeper to record 100 dismissals in a career.

In 1886 he was selected to play twice for England when the Australians toured.

On 23rd august 1888 he played in an England 11 against Australia. He also played for Cheshire in 1893 and he was eight years as a professional at Stockport CC.

He was captain of

Butterley when they won Derbyshire Senior Alliance in 1906.

He always kept his job at Butterley. Jane Elizabeth was taken ill on 2nd July 1911 and died of heart

failure on 21st February 1912.

He lived on until he died on 24th June 1934 aged 74years. They are both buried at Ripley Cemetery their daughter Maggie is also buried with them She died in October 1914. I hope this is of some use to you.

Patricia Claypole

By email