LETTERS: PM must face facts about Syria

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Like many politicians, including President Obama, David Cameron seems to have learnt nothing from the study of history.

Especially the history of Islam, which, like the split in Western Christianity that gave rise to wars between Protestantism and Catholicism, is divided between Sunnis and Shias.

This fault-line lies at the root of many conflicts in the Middle East and it needs a strong man to keep a lid on the simmering hatred.

Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi were dictators who ran secular states, kept the peace and gave religious freedom.

Bashar al-Assad has done the same in Syria and where he is still in control Christians and other non-Moslems are safe. Syria was where our Christian faith was introduced by the early apostles.

It was on the road to Damascus that St Paul was travelling when he had his life changing vision whilst hell bent on destroying the Christians who had fled there.

If President Assad is removed Syria will become ungovernable just like Libya, which was thought to be such a success by our Prime Minister and is now a failed state offering an open door to ISIS and giving a launching pad to flimsy boats for migrants.

Cameron might like see Western democracy introduced everywhere in the world but there is such a thing as facing facts.

Granville V Stone