Live link up for cops

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A live satellite link will be set up this year from the police HQ in Ripley, to enable officers to give evidence to courts by video.

Derbyshire is one of 13 areas to be introducing the service during 2013 and the video room in Ripley will link to Southern Derbyshire and North East Derbyshire magistrates’ courts. A force spokeswoman said the scheme will avoid the need for officers to travel to court and therefore free up time.

Video links are already in use in the courts in Derbyshire as a special measure for vulnerable witnesses. Over the past year, about 75,000 video appearances, including those from prisons and police stations, took place during criminal cases in England and Wales, resulting in savings in transport costs and a reduction in prisoner movements. An estimated 300 police hours were saved as officers avoided wasting time and money by not having to travel to and from court or wait outside the courtroom.