Looking for some answers


I’ve been, how can I put it, thinking of possible answers to the following questions for quite a while now. Unfortunately I can’t come up with any valid answers. Let me put these bafflers to you all:

l Speed humps – why?

Now I’d be the first to admit that I signed a petition some years ago, for speed humps/traffic calmers to be introduced along the whole length of John O’Gaunts Way in Belper. I was, in a sense, carried along with the tide of ‘concern’ about speeding along that road, and I leapt to support the cause. What an idiot I was. All those people behind the idea were very vocal about how effective these humps would be. No-one was vocal about the harm they do to vehicles; how much they’re hated by the emergency services and how gob-smackingly difficult it is to get them removed by the council. It wouldn’t matter if your car was permanently disabled by them, the council wouldn’t listen. My daughter was faced with a huge, and I mean huge, garage bill because she had numerous parts of her vehicle damaged by those damned humps. The garage knew it; she knew it; I knew it but there’s no point in approaching the council because they wouldn’t listen.

There are much better ways of slowing/calming traffic down. Get rid of the humps and introduce good, sound, calming measures.

l Mini-islands – why are they where they are?

This is a good one. Can someone explain to me why there are mini islands at the end of Naseby Road, where it joins John O’Gaunts, and at the end of Hunter Road, where it joins Whitemoor? What possible use are they? Why don’t we have mini-islands at the junctions of every single road in Belper?

These two islands are probably the most useless appendages on any road anywhere in Belper. The thing is though, they were built with our money. Another fine ‘money-chucking’ exercise.

l Road surfaces approaching islands etc, – why are they there?

Has anyone paid much attention to the road surfaces when approaching various traffic systems in Belper? I’m talking about traffic lights, mini-islands and so on. Has anyone noticed these lengths of slightly rough road to each approach.

Apparently the surface is supposed to draw the attention of drivers to approaching ‘systems’. So, you’re driving along Nottingham Road towards the town and you come upon the bit of rough road just before Bullsmoor. Oh! I’m coming up to a potential hazard, you think to yourself. It’s a mini-island look! I’d better slow down – not.

I’m absolutely convinced that these special surfaces must cost a lot of money to lay. Why not have lines of very thick road paint instead, like those approaching the island, on the A38, towards Derby, where you turn right to go to the Kingsway Retail Park or the hospital. Surely it’s cheaper?

l New sports centre – why?

Don’t you think that it’s probably the biggest waste of public money ever. What’s in it for the council? Why must the planning committee pass almost every major planning idea ever to fall in front of them? We have a perfectly good centre already and so why do committee members think they are qualified to pass such important matters?

Go now, before you’re pushed.

l Communication masts – why?

Finally I come to the monstrosities called mobile phone masts. These masts were nodded through by the people I mentioned in the last point. Why did this happen?

The councillors responsible for the nodding are voted in by residents but once they’re in they ignore what the residents want. Do they think that they’re more knowledgeable than the people they represent? They don’t listen to anyone.

Come on then tell us what’s in it for the council. If you don’t I may obtain this information through the Freedom of Information Act. That’ll get you scrabbling around.

That’s all for now everyone.

Tony Vardy

Ash Acre