Lydia is in the book

Lydia Garner
Lydia Garner

ARTWORK by a talented artist from Milford has been selected to showcase the best of British illustration.

Some work by University of Derby graduate Lydia Garner, 27, has been chosen to go into Images 35, which is a book celebrating artists’ work that is sold worldwide.

Lydia submitted a page from a children’s book she has done called Hello Dolly.

A panel of expert illustrators, publishers and art directors judged it against entries from all over the UK and selected it for the Images 35 book.

Lydia said: “I am really delighted.

“I entered and then kind of forgot about it, so it was a really nice surprise to be chosen.”

A selection of images from the book will feature at London’s Bankside Gallery from tomorrow, August 25 until Friday, September 2, before embarking on a UK tour, which includes the University of Derby between December 5 and February 5.