Matlock Luncheon Club speaker lifts the lid on attic’s secrets

Dr Tony Nicholson was the speaker at Matlock Luncheon Club.
Dr Tony Nicholson was the speaker at Matlock Luncheon Club.

“Secrets in the Attic” was the title of an entertaining talk given to members of Matlock Luncheon Club.

The speaker, Dr Tony Nicholson, presented an intriguing insight into the history of a house he had bought in Darlington, County Durham.

The house was built in the 1800s and on moving into the home he had to undertake remedial work to the attic. Along with a huge bird’s nest and much debris Dr Nicholson uncovered more than 130 untitled photographs, old letters and personal memorabilia. As a historian being presented with these he was compelled to uncover the secrets behind then. 
Gradually the life of Annie and Gus unfolded before him. The romance was a troubled one after a whirlwind courtship the marriage they made was not to last, but the correspondence continued for many years, Gus appeared to be a “cad and a bounder” but Annie held on to the hope their romance would again rekindle, sadly it did not happen for her.

Dr Nicholson has written a book with more insights into his Secrets in the Attic which luncheon club members are looking forward to reading when it is published.