May is blooming lovely

Image for Valley gardening page 12/03/15
Image for Valley gardening page 12/03/15

May is a blooming lovely month - plants are beginning to flower and show their true colours and inspire us to get out into the garden a little more.

But it’s not just the May sunshine that is inspirational.

Not only is there possibly the best flower and gardening celebration in the world taking place next month, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show (May 19 to May 23), but Cultivation Street is up and running and looking for community gardening projects to enter their annual competition. Visit

Cultivation Street is helping to bring back front gardens and revitalise our streets while at the same time encouraging people to take up gardening and grow their green skills.

The front garden is often overlooked as a growing area - with a solitary tree planted and not a flower in sight.

Gardening myth of the month is that you can’t plant flowers under trees - a myth that’s not founded in fact at all as flower beds can actually help keep trees healthy.

They are also more sustainable than grass in the long run because flower beds require less water.

Choose perennials to minimise soil disturbance, and choose the smallest plants possible for the same reason.

May is the month when everything gets busy in the garden and even the most relaxed of gardeners gets going.

Watering and weeding are both key, as is sowing and planting out, depending on regional weather.

It’s also time to get back into the swing of mowing the lawn.

Watch out for late frosts and protect tender plants.

Plant out summer bedding.

Watch out for greenfly and black spot on roses.