Meet Belper’s teen mayoress


BELPER is believed to be home to Britain’s youngest mayoress – after 14-year-old Georgina Robertson was sworn-in alongside her father.

For the next 12 months, the pupil at Belper School will wear the ceremonial chains of office and attend civic functions after her father Mark, who is divorced, was chosen to take on the role.

The teenager, who is preparing to sit eight GCSE’s in subjects such as art and history will be a regular face around the town in the coming months, attending Belper in Bloom and the events planned for the jubilee weekend.

She said: “My friends think its cool - I don’t speak too much about the role at school because we are there to study.

“I hope to raise some money for charity and to support my dad with his duties. I do learn lots about the local area – it is nice and interesting inside St John’s Chapel where the council meet.”

Cllr Robertson, who has spent 10 years on Belper Town Council, will also be taking his youngest daughter, nine-year-old Amelia to council engagements across the area.

The 51-year-old, who works at Toyota in Derby moved to the area from Essex around 15 years ago. He said that other councillors he had been in touch with since being appointed had not heard of a younger mayoress.

The previous record holder was 19-year-old Sheridan Bartlett, who supported her grandfather when he became mayor of Bleneau Gwent, in South Wales, during 2011.

Cllr Robertson said: “It’s very unusual from what I can gather, but hopefully this will put Belper on the map and help to raise the profile of politics among the younger generation.

“It also gives her a chance to see what it’s all about and get kids more kids locally involved. It’s a great time to be selected to do this with the jubilee and Britain in Bloom and I’m really looking forward to our year ahead.”

Meanwhile, Belper Cllr John Nelson has taken over the chains of office from Cllr Ron Ashton as Mayor of Amber Valley.

He said: “It’s a tremendous honour to represent Amber Valley as mayor for the second time.”

The 70-year-old former haulage company owner is the 24th mayor at the council, having served on the authority since 1988. He was previously mayor from 2000 to 2001 and is also leader of Belper Town Council.