Memories of bygone Belper


My name is Malcolm Hall and I am prompted to contact you after receiving a recent Belper News clipping from my wife’s cousin in the UK.

The heading for the article is “30 Years Ago” and I am the person referred to in the report. For me it was a walk down memory lane and I thought you might be interested to know what happened during these past 30 years. By the way, I do have a little sporting history even before joining Allestree. I played football for several clubs in the area after leaving college. Some names to recall are Stapenhill, Rolls-Royce, Allenton, Rowditch and Graham Street Prims. All my cricket, prior to Allestree, was played with Rolls-Royce.

My family, and I, moved to Canton, Ohio, in 1980 where I was able to utilize my FIFA coaching credentials to help the local youth football players. Since there was no opportunity to continue my cricket career, golf became my other sporting love.

We moved twice more in the US. In 1986, to West Chester Ohio and finally, in 2000 when I retired, to the small town of Loveland in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio.

In Cincinnati I worked for General Electric (Rolls-Royce’s aero engine competitor). I only bring this up because I met a group of GE colleagues who were interested in forming a cricket team. Needless to say there was no US interest and the team was made up of English, Australian, Pakistan and Indian compatriots. Although we were able to find plenty of open areas to play, we had little or no success in finding or preparing an acceptable cricket square. We did practice on the artificial turf at Cincinnati University “American Football” stadium but finally interest waned and I became a golfing addict.

I still follow the sporting scene in the UK and have many friends keeping me in touch with the local news.

I hope this small bit of nostalgia is of interest to you. I don’t think I’ll be here to celebrate the next 30 years.

Malc Hall

Loveland, Cincinnati, Ohio