‘Missing’ camper was at home all the time

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a MAN who was reported missing from a campsite in Alderwasley was actually at home in Nottingham.

Police launched a witness appeal after staff at the Hankin Farm campsite, on New Road, reported on Sunday, May 1, that a Mr Addison had disappeared.

He was said to have arrived at the farm on Easter Sunday, April 24, and paid for two nights camping, telling staff that he and his young son would be staying in a tent.

Police said he pitched a two-man tent but then disappeared. He had not arrived in a vehicle and his tent, containing two sleeping bags, camping equipment and prescription drugs, was left behind.

Officers checked local hospitals and carried out searches in the area, before Mr Addison rang them to say he was at home in Nottingham.

It also emerged that he was not with a child, but with a male friend. Both are said to be aged in their 50s.

A police spokeswoman said: “He stayed one night and decided to go back home. He thought his mate was going to sort the tent out.

“But his mate thought the same thing and unfortunately they both left the tent there.”

A woman who answered the door at the farm to the News said: “There was a mix up.”