Move to re-open town’s toilets

Belper Town Council is close to striking a deal to re-open the town’s Strutt Street public toilets, it has been revealed.

Leader of the authority, Cllr John Nelson, said councillors were in talks over funding and are set to call a special meeting to agree a way forward.

The news came as owners at Belper deli Fresh Basil said they had decided to stop opening their toilets to the public this week after staff allegedly suffered abuse there.

Owner Wendy Moore had agreed to open the shop’s facilities after Amber Valley Borough Council shut down public toilets at The Triangle and Strutt Street.

There is nowhere in town providing public toilets for the disabled, said Cllr Nelson, who added: “Within the next two weeks I would think we will be announcing Strutt Street toilets will be re-opening. I have been working very hard behind the scenes to find a way.

“However, it isn’t sealed yet. We are working on a partnership deal, but we still need to have all the procedures in place and are currently crossing the Ts and dotting the Is.

“I can understand Fresh Basil pulling out. It annoys me that people have been haranguing them - they were trying to help the town - it’s disgusting. Now there is currently nowhere that is disabled friendly in Belper.”

Ms Moore said: “We have been caught in a real ‘catch 22 situation’. We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.People are not going to be happy whatever we do.

“But after last week when two of our staff were threatened we had to make the decision to pull out.”

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