MP backing minimum price move on alcohol

pauline latham
pauline latham

belper’s MP has thrown her support behind the coalition government’s plans to set a minimum price for alcohol in England and Wales.

Mid Derbyshire Tory Pauline Latham is in favour of Coalition proposals that aim to ban shops and bars from selling drinks for less than the tax paid on them.

It is hoped that it will cut crime and set a “base price” for the first time.

The changes would result in a weak can of lager being priced at 38p per can, and a litre of vodka at £10.71.

But health campaigners say that is too low to have an impact on drinking trends.

Mrs Latham said: “The government and I are committed to tackling the excessive consumption of alcohol that so frequently fuels crime, anti-social behaviour and disorder.

“The last government promised that 24-hour alcohol licenses would bring about a cafe-culture. The reality has been far more nightmarish and we are keen to ensure that streets are returned to sensible, law-abiding drinkers.

“The health of our nation and safety on our streets is a priority for this government and so the treasury is undertaking a review of alcohol taxation and pricing to ensure that it tackles binge-drinking without unfairly penalising responsible drinkers, pubs and important local industries.

“Additionally, this government has now introduced a ban on alcohol that is sold for less than it costs to produce.”

The ConDems have pledged: “We will ban the sale of alcohol below cost price.”