MP encourages people to become organ donors

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BELPER’S MP Pauline Latham is encouraging her constituents to sign up and become organ donors.

It follows a visit she made to the renal and transplant services department at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Statistics show that only 29 per cent of people in the UK have signed the Organ Donor Register (ODR).

There are currently more than 18 million people on the ODR and about 10,000 currently in need of a transplant.

Last year, between April 2010 and March 2011, 3,740 organ transplants took place in the UK - 31 more than the previous year.

Mrs Latham said: “NHS Blood and Transplant are the organ donation organisation for the UK.

“By signing up, you could save lives or transform up to nine lives. Many more can also be helped through the donation of tissue.

“Anyone can register - age isn’t a barrier to being an organ or tissue donor. People in their 70s and 80s have become organ donors and saved many lives, while the oldest recorded cornea donor was 104 years old!”