MP’s anger after Defra ‘used Google’ to judge A38 noise

Amber Valley MP Nigel Mills is calling on residents to sign a web-petition to speed up installation of noise reducing measures on the A38.

The Highways Agency has labelled part of the road running past Coxbench as ‘high priority’ on its list of stretches across the UK that could be re-laid with a ‘lower noise surface’ before 2021.

However. MrMills said many other stretches of the road – which runs close to Openwoodgate, Little Eaton and Allestree – should have been considered.

He has also demanded that the works that are planned take place sooner, that sound barriers are installed and has questioned the method by which the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs assessed the road network in the first place.

He said: “There are serious concerns over methodology, which appears to have been based on little more than looking at Google Maps and checking the distance from the nearest house.

“I’m calling on the Highways Agency, DEFRA and the local councils to do much better than this and to accelerate laying the noise reduction surface, install noise barriers on those parts of the A38 where this is would be effective.”

The petition is at