MP supports air strikes in Iraq

Pauline Latham visits hospital patients
Pauline Latham visits hospital patients

Air strikes in Iraq won the support of Mid-Derbyshire MP Pauline Latham.

The first jets to take part in a mission against Islamic State (IS) militants carried out armed reconnaissance missions at the weekend.

It follows Parliament voting in favour of the attacks by 524 votes to 43 on Friday, September 26.

Mrs Latham was among the MPs backing the motion.

She said: “It is important that the move to provide air support to Iraq was democratically sanctioned by the Commons.

“As members of the International Community, we have a responsibility to support the Iraqi government in preventing further atrocities against their people by IS.

“Nevertheless, I recognise the need to prevent a drawn-out conflict for Britain and Iraq, and as such, think that air strikes are the best way to support the actions of the Iraqi army and the other indigenous forces combatting the threat posed by IS.”

MPs were recalled to Westminster to vote on British involvement in air strikes against ISIS - also known as Islamic State or ISIL - in Iraq, at the request of the Iraqi government.

Prime Minister David Cameron stressed the need for transparency in obtaining Parliament’s consent for air strikes.

He also spoke of the urgency of the situation in Iraq, where IS are committing acts of violence, genocide and rape.

Mr Cameron went on to mention the direct threat to the West and Britain posed by IS, following an attack on a Jewish museum in Brussels in May.