MP urges ‘at risk’ people to get a flu jab

BELPER’S MP has urged people aged over 65 and those in ‘at risk’ groups to get a flu jab.

The plea comes after Pauline Latham attended a flu vaccine clinic in order to find out more about the illness.

Last year, 74 per cent of people aged over 65 years and 53 per cent in the at risk groups were vaccinated against flu in Derbyshire, compared with the national averages of 72.8 per cent for the over 65s and 50 per cent for those ‘at risk’.

She said: “The seasonal flu vaccination is important to help protect those people who are more susceptible to serious complications, or even death, from flu.”

The Department of Health provides free seasonal flu vaccinations for over-65s and ‘at risk’ groups, which includes people with chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, and low immune systems.