MP voices concerns over Euro haulage move

Belper’S MP Pauline Latham has spoken out over the huge impact proposed European Commission (EC) legislation would have on Derbyshire’s haulage industry.

The Mid Derbyshire Tory MP was successful in securing an Adjournment Debate in the House of Commons when she asked the Minister for Transport, Mike Penning, to defend Britain’s haulage industry against the legislation.

The European Commission is attempting to push through a proposal that would restrict the height of trailers in the European Union to four metres.

The proposal would mean hauliers needing to increase their fleets to move the same amount of goods. It is estimated this would cost the British haulage industry around £387 million extra.

This is then likely to be passed on to the consumer, say campaigners.

Mrs Latham said: “The EC has obviously not thought this through.

“If the EC goes ahead with this proposal it will signal that yet again it is regulating for regulations sake, not to make the European Union a better place.

“I will do everything I can to help lobby on behalf of our Derbyshire hauliers to stop this proposal.”