MPs concern over ‘holiday tax’

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Belper MP Pauline Latham has claimed that the Labour Party are planning to “hammer” hotels and B&Bs in Derbyshire with a new overnight accommodation tax.

This ‘holiday tax’ would force up the cost of living for hard-working people and threaten jobs across Britain’s tourist industry, according to Conservative party politician Mrs Latham.

The proposal, put forward by Labour Shadow Minister Sadiq Khan and backed by some Labour councils, would potentially see a tax placed on all hotel, bed and breakfast and self-catering accommodation.

Mrs Latham said the idea would typically add £126 extra to the cost of a two-week stay in a reasonably priced hotel, or even more in hotspots like London, Brighton or Bath and claimed up to 43,000 businesses - including hotels and other accommodation - would be affected.

She said:“I’m very concerned about Labour’s plans to hammer hard-working people with a new holiday tax.

“This will push up the cost of living and destroy jobs in coastal towns and popular tourist destinations across the country.

“Tourism is Britain’s fifth largest industry. We should be encouraging people to enjoy our nation’s unique heritage and history, but Labour’s plans will make having a holiday here far more expensive, which will drive people elsewhere and do terrible damage to our tourism industry.”

Labour Party sources have insisted that the party is not formally backing a tourist tax.