‘My poodles are psychic’

Clairvoyant Linda Lancashire of Heanor with her pet dogs which she says have psychic gifts.
Clairvoyant Linda Lancashire of Heanor with her pet dogs which she says have psychic gifts.

A clairvoyant grandmother from Heanor says she uses her ‘psychic poodles’ to help her predict the future.

Twin apricot poodles Hilda and Tallulah sit in on Linda 
Lancashire’s sessions and seem to have a gift for predicting the future as they paw her and stand up on their hind legs to tell her personal details about clients, she says.

Linda, 59, has run her 
clairvoyant business from her bungalow, named Broomsticks, for more than 40 years and says she has a very long, but secret list of celebrity clients.

Linda said: “As Tallulah and Hilda were growing up they were always sat in my office and when clients were sitting in front of me the dogs would start pawing me and they wouldn’t leave me alone.

“Tallulah can detect 
relationship issues and will say, ‘mummy listen to me, this lady is not happy’ in my mind. Hilda knows when someone has 
 money or health problems.

“I don’t know how they do it. But my clients are amazed by them and now come especially for the poodles and want them to sit on the sofa with them.

“I love them with a passion and they sleep with me on the bed under their fleecey throw.”

Linda says she always knew that she was different from 
other people, but did not realise her gift until she was older.

She said: “It’s a gift that I can’t describe. I don’t see ghosts but I do feel, sense and smell things.

“I can feel if someone is a good person and I can smell emotions. The smells are 
different kinds of smells to perfumes or body lotions - they are not of this realm.

“We are all different. Some people can play piano and I can’t. I am not special or 
anything, I am just different.”

Linda’s parents emigrated to the UK from Poland. She used to work as a secretary and has also worked in factories and as a cleaner, but always felt she was destined for more 
spiritual things.

She said: “I just said to 
myself one day, ‘I am never going to work for anyone else again because I am so 
different,’ so I left work and put an advert in Prediction 
magazine and then the rest is history.”

“I meet people from all walks of life. I see people from stage and screen and politics but I have incredible integrity - and I work confidentially.”

Linda bought the twin poodles three years ago when she was left heartbroken by the death of her loyal airedale, Stanley Rupert, and they seemed to have picked up her talents for clairvoyancy.