New sightings of Belper Beast feature in book

Big cat boost: Could Belper have its very own beast of Bodmin?
Big cat boost: Could Belper have its very own beast of Bodmin?

The infamous Beast of Belper has inspired a new book, after more sightings of the supposed panther-like creature emerged.

Beast enthusiast Kitty Winter staged a play about the animal during the recent Belper Arts Festival after her own unexplained sighting in a garden near to Belper River Gardens on Boxing Day 2010.

Following the performance, renewed interest in the beast has prompted one Milford man to reveal he had also seen a large black cat prowling near to the River Derwent in the village on the same day as Kitty’s sighting.

And one other person has told Ms Winter the beast had been seen in a Belper back garden within the last few months.

Now, a book is being compiled featuring eye-witness reports of the beast, as well as children’s stories about the animal, illustrations and the script from the play. And Kitty is urging other people to come forward with their own tales for inclusion.

She said: “The play seems to have given the beast a boost and we were amazed that someone came forward with a sighting that took place on the same day.

“Looking back through the archievs, there have been more than half a dozen sightings over the past few years and if there is something out there lots of others must have seen it too.

“We’d love anyone else with their own sighting to come forward and report it to us for the book.

“When we made our own sighting we were half-joking about it, but looking back maybe it was something out of the ordinary.

“It’s something that keeps on creeping up and many people from outside the town have heard of the Beast of Belper. The book will compile all the stories and will be released later this year. We’d love to have as many accounts as possible in there. Even if they are anonymous.”

To inform Kitty about your own sightings email or visit