Heanor man’s record-setting jet bike set to smash the 100mph barrier

Andy Morris on his drag jet bike
Andy Morris on his drag jet bike

A former soldier has finally overcome the all odds to finish building the world’s first home-made jet bike after missing out on vital funding earlier this year.
Andrew Morris, 48, of Derby Road, Heanor, launched an appeal on the popular ‘crowd sourcing’ website Kickstarter to fund his project back in November when he had hoped to raise £2,000 in 60 days for the project.

Despite his best efforts 
Andrew only managed to reach just over half of his 
intended target raising a 
total of £1,127, although due to Kickstarter policies on raising the full amount, he didn’t see a penny of the money. This left him with an uphill battle to complete his ambitious bike.

While most people would have given up on the project, Andrew persevered and with the help of local companies he went about building the bike without funding.

“I’m incredibly lucky to have local companies I’m affiliated with come and help me out as they see it as a good cause to get involved in.

“They’ve supplied me with vital parts needed to make the bike run, without them I’d have really struggled to fund it on my own and the whole project would still be but a dream,” said Andrew.

His bike is ‘one of a kind’ and the only vehicle that comes close to his 
creation is the Y2K superbike, a £125,000 motorcycle powered by a Rolls-Royce helicopter engine.

Andrew plans on 
taking his creation to Santa Pod raceway for the ‘Run what you bring Saturday Night 
Special’ event in Bedfordshire on the March, 22, where he will attempt to break a world record.

“We’re hoping that the bike will clear 100mph on the day, but whatever speed it makes we should have picked up a record as it’s a unique bike and we’ll be the first ones 
attempting it.

“I believe that eventually it could have the potential to clear 200mph, but we know that will take time and hard work.”

To witness Andrew’s jet-powered bike in action at Santa Pod 
ticket details can be found at