No jet bike joy as faults halt big day

Andy Morris on his drag jet bike
Andy Morris on his drag jet bike

After months of hard work and determination Andy Morris found himself incredibly unfortunate to see his pride and joy, the worlds first home-made jet bike narrowly miss out out on setting a world record last weekend after a fault stopped his bike from running.

Andy Morris, 48, of Derby Road, Heanor has spent the last year working on the world’s first home-made jet bike with help from fellow petrol-heads via the popular crowd sourcing website Kickstarter.

In what was an incredibly turbulent ride Andy missed out on his £2000 target which meant that he didn’t receive a penny from the fundraising which forced the former soldier to go it alone.

With the help of local companies and friends he completed the bike and went about preparing it to set a world record on Santa Pod raceway in the ‘run what you bring Saturday night special’ event which he travelled to last weekend.

As Andy geared up to drive his way into the record books a key safety mechanism cut in at the last minute causing he and his team to reassess the situation and work on the bike until it was deemed safe to ride.

Unfortunately for Andy, this came little to late as time constraints meant that despite the bike being back up and running and ready to go he will have to wait till later on this year to give it another go.

Andy remains upbeat and positive about the bike and his record chances; “I don’t think I’m doing badly at all, Formula One struggle to get cars on the line sometimes. It’s hard as a lot of hard work has gone into the project but we’ll come back to Santa Pod in May and give it another shot where I’m confident it will all go to plan”.