RIPLEY: Teachers’ Gangnam Style farewell video

Fun-loving teachers who made a spoof Gangnam Style music video for their school leavers have racked up over 6000 YouTube hits in a week.

More than 40 staff from Mill Hill school in Ripley were involved in taking up the chart hit, with teacher Huw Lloyd reinventing himself as the larger-than-life South Korean singer, Psy.

Mr Lloyd, Key Stage Four director of learning, said: “We showed it to the students in the leavers’ assembly and they absolutely loved it, they were in fits of laughter.

“It’s a great way of saying goodbye to the students who are leaving and a way of showing them that teachers are human. It took a lot of planning and we had a sixth former, Michael Hawley, who did the editing and it looks very professional.”

The shot-by-shot remake of the original – which is one of the most-viewed YouTube videos of all time – is the third music video made by the teachers for Year 11 leavers since 2011.

Last year, 18 teachers danced to Run DMC’s It’s Like That, which received about 6,000 hits on YouTube in a year and in 2011 the school re-enacted Peter Kay’s version of Is This The Way To Amarillo.

Mr Lloyd, who has taken a key role in all the films, added: “We started thinking about what we could do this year as soon as we finished last year’s video.

“We were thinking about doing the Harlem Shake then because Gangnam Style was so big we thought it would be great to re-enact it.

“Even a couple of staff members who had left the school came back and got involved with the filming.”

The video was filmed after school and in teachers’ spare time, to keep the song choice a secret from the students.

On the video sharing site, YouTube, dozens of commenters have showed their appreciation for the video. One said: “I have now seen staff in a totally different light!!!! Brilliant!!!” and another added: “This is a really good video for us so we can look back at it when we are older and see all our teachers again. Going to miss you all.”