On treasure trail in town

Peter Nottage with his Treasure Trails adventure
Peter Nottage with his Treasure Trails adventure

INTREPID adventurers can explore Belper and help to solve a murder mystery at the same time with the help of an exciting initiative.

Derbyshire Treasure Trails has created a route around Belper that will take would-be detectives around the town’s historic sites and streets.

Peter Nottage, manager of the firm, said: “Whether you are local or visiting for the first time, Treasure Trails will take you to the most beautiful, interesting and historic locations in Belper and will get you outside in the fresh air, exploring and having fun.

“It’s up to you when you do the trail and who with.

“You can do our treasure hunts as a solo adventure, or in a group with family, friends or work colleagues.”

The treasure trail for Belper is a touch grisly, as it investigates a fictional murder.

Those on the treasure trail have to solve the murder mystery.

Peter explained: “In this case, a local man, Paul Tugether has been found murdered and Sgt Steve Titchup wants your help to solve this heinous crime.

“Each of the clues will give you the name of a suspect or a weapon that can be eliminated from a list on the back cover – a bit like Cluedo – and your job is to solve all the clues, which will leave one suspect and one murder weapon.

“The Belper Trail includes the River Gardens, the mill site, Long Row and the Memorial Gardens. Beyond that, you’ll have to do the Trail to find out exactly where it takes you – but you won’t be disappointed.

“I am very excited about the Belper Trail because the town has some real gems of history about it – that most people wouldn’t realise unless they took the time or trouble to find out more.”

Some of the Trail also uses the poems displayed on the poetry trail inspired by Beth Fender, which takes people to 20 different sites around Belper (turn to page 5 for more on this).

For more information, including prices, ring Peter on 01827 382995. Alternatively, email him at derbyshire@treasuretrails.co.uk.