One for the road ... works!

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breaking news

Roadworks at the A38 Little Eaton roundabout finally drew to a halt this week - with one pub celebrating with a full-blown party.

Motorists have faced delays and businesses suffered loss of takings since the £2.7million scheme got underway in January.

Originally due for completion in June the works were delayed by a burst water main and the discovery of a rare type of crayfish.

However, with a final safety audit completed on Friday, September 26 firms were looking forward to trade returning to normal in the village.

At The Queen’s Head staff were in the mood for an ‘end of roadworks party’, complete with their own special brew to mark the occasion - ‘Highway to Hell’.

Paul Harris, Director of Derby Brewing Co, which owns the pub said: “We are delighted to be celebrating life in Little Eaton and the surrounding areas returning to normal.

“It’s been a nightmare for local businesses and residents so we thought it was a great way to bring everyone’s frustrations together, over a drink or two and toast to the future.’

The special beer - golden ale at four percent proof will available in the pub while stocks last.

Trevor Harris, head brewer at Derby Brewing Co, said: “It’s been great to brew a beer to see the back of the road works.

“It’s been a disgrace how long it has affected local people and businesses in the area. Every time I drive round the island I look to see an improvement but the work has achieved nothing. Whoever designed it is well past their sell by date’

Mid Derbyshire MP Pauline Latham attended the celebration. She has previously called for heads to roll at the Highways Agency due to the ‘wholly unacceptable’ delays.

A spokesman for the Queen’s Head said a Highways Agency representative had been invited to attend but declined the invitation.

Tracy Marsh, who is responsible for marketing at Derby Brewing Co, said: “Response to the event has been fabulous and shows just how much these road works have affected people’s lives over the last eight months.”

The roadworks involved increasing the number of lanes and installing traffic lights at aroundabout at the junction for the A38 in Little Eaton. Lane restrictions were lifted at the end of August however, this week marks the formal conclusion to checks and final work.

The project is part of a £6.7 million Government-backed scheme which has also seen roadworks at Markeaton roundabout.