Parent’s to receive news of kid’s school places

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breaking news

Today is D-day for parents who have applied for primary school places for their child.

From 9.30am this morning, parents who applied to Derbyshire County Council schools will be able to find out if their child has become one of the 11,134 school places offered.

This year was also a record year for applications made through the council’s online facility.

Of those who have applied for infant places, 98 per cent will get one of their top three preferences while almost 100 per cent of junior schools will get their top three choices.

Derbyshire County Council’s cabinet member for children and young people Councillor Kevin Gillott said: “We’re pleased the majority of parents have got their child into one of their preferred schools – even through the number of applications has increased slightly this year.

“We want children to have the best start to their education and will continue to work with parents and carers throughout their child’s school life.”

The small number of parents who did not receive a place at their preferred school have the right to appeal to an independent panel by Friday 23 May.