Parking: ‘It’s in council’s hands’


In reply to your lead story (Belper News, February 8 re the parking problems at St John’s Primary School in Belper) I can understand the fears of the concerned mother who has highlighted this problem.

I agree with everything this mother says about parking on zig zag lines, parking on pavements and grass verges, double parking, parking across residents’ drives, etc.

But in doing so, these drivers, I understand are not breaking the law. We have had police and parking wardens coming to monitor the situation in recent weeks, but they stand and look, but personally I have not seen them speak to anyone.

The story goes on to say that the council has not been directly contacted by any residents, but this statement is some what wide of the mark, as I have contacted the council and at least two other residents have also wrote letters, although this was in 2005/06.

We also wrote to local councillors and our MP at the time, Patrick McLoughlin.

Following these letters and replies, we had meetings in Laund Nook with the county council, police and fire service and received replies on their findings.

In 2006, a petition signed by 115 residents of Laund Nook, was sent to Derbyshire County Council on this problem and it acknowledged receipt of this petition.

So, I do not see how it can say it has not been contact by residents.

If anything can be done to make this road safer for school children and their parents, residents and other road users, it is in the hands of Derbyshire County Council.

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