Penny’s Fund cash used to help others

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The charity formed to raise money for a terminally-ill Belper woman has said it is no longer fundraising towards her treatment.

Penny’s Fund was set-up by Penny Wheeler’s family when she was diagnosed with scleroderma and pulmonary fibrosis.

Since then, an army of volunteers have helped raise thousands towards the twice yearly £13,000 treatment Penny requires.

Now, organisers say they have taken the difficult decision to stop their fundraising efforts specifically towards treatment for Penny.

However, they have vowed to carry on fundraising for national charities and have donated £13,000 to The Pulmonary Fibrosis Trust and The Scleroderma Society after deciding that the money raised to date might be better spent helping a wider set of sufferers than just Penny,

A statement on the fund’s website reads: “The decision to donate the money wasn’t one we have taken lightly but we have to face up to reality. The money donated will undoubtedly change someone’s life, someone who might find themselves in a similar situation to what we were five years ago. If we’ve achieved one thing throughout this whole adventure its a renewed faith in humanity, now it’s our turn to repay that. We’ve thanked and thanked and thanked you all in the past and without meaning to sound like a broken record…thank you.”

It continued: “We hope you can all understand the reasons behind the choices made; it was always important to us that we gave something back and now seems the right time to do that.”