Fundraiser for Derbyshire man who suffered blood clot that left him unable to work after ‘homophobic attack’

Luke and Matt are pictured.
Luke and Matt are pictured.

A fundraiser has been launched in aid of a man who was knocked unconscious- and suffered a blood clot on his lung- in a ‘homophobic attack’ in Derbyshire.

Matt Wales set up the Go Fund Me page for his partner Luke who was ‘attacked’ by four men as he walked home.

Matt, from Derby, said: “Luke remembers them saying something about his sexuality, but exactly what they said he cannot remember.

“As such the police have categorised the incident as robbery. Personally, I feel it was a hate crime and a homophobic-motivated attack.”

Luke was left ‘unconscious, bruised, bleeding, and needing medical treatment’.

“They stole his wallet and his five month old mobile phone,” added Matt.

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“A week later my partner collapsed and was taken to hospital again where a clot on his lung was found.

“He was told it was caused directly from the attack he suffered.”

Matt says Luke has been unable to work since the attack and lost a ‘considerable amount’ of money as a result.

“I myself had to take time away from work to support my partner both emotionally and psychologically,” added Matt.

“This was four weeks ago, and unfortunately we are not financially able to replace his stolen phone.

“It is my wish to be able to raise enough money to replace my partners stolen phone and loss of wages.”

You can donate at: