Kilburn nurse wins £10,000 on the Health Lottery

Nurse Amanda Claxton has won �10,000 on the Health Lottery.
Nurse Amanda Claxton has won �10,000 on the Health Lottery.

A Kilburn woman who has spent most of her career working as a nurse in the NHS is celebrating after winning £10,000 on the Health Lottery.

Amanda Claxton, 37, could not believe her luck when she found out the good news. She initially thought she had won just £50 on her ticket.

Amanda said: “I went into Sainsbury’s to check the lines and they said they couldn’t pay out my prize. I thought ‘it’s obviously just over £50’ so I tried the Post Office as they can pay out up to £250.”

After being told that her prize was too big to pay out there too she called up the Health Lottery, and discovered she’d won more than she’d ever dreamed of.

She said: “I kept telling myself it must be some kind of joke, but it became clear that it wasn’t. I think I deafened them with my screeching.”

Amanda has worked in the NHS for nearly 20 years, and this is not the first time the stars have aligned for her.

She married husband Lee in 2011 after meeting him while he was in hospital for a kidney transplant.

Lee’s health means that Amanda is the sole breadwinner, and so the extra cash is even more welcome.

Amanda said: “I like to play the Health Lottery when I have a bit of spare cash as I’m the only one in the household who works. My husband is medically retired due to illness.

“I come across a lot of elderly people with dementia and other illnesses, all of that is close to my heart which is another reason why I play the Health Lottery.”

She added: “My boys Jack and Ashley thought I was joking. Then they just screamed. When I told my husband I had tears in my eyes and he too thought it was a joke.

“I’m sure everyone says it but nothing like this ever happens to us as a family. It means the absolute world.”

Amanda said she plans to spend the money on a new driveway, a family holiday, and then give some away to her parents and brother.

The Health Lottery is a nationwide initiative which aims to address health inequalities.

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