Peter is an inspiration

Peter no smoking
Peter no smoking

A DETERMINED Belper man has told how he gave up cigarettes after a lifetime of smoking.

Peter Hallsworth, 65, of Manor Road, started smoking at the age of ten but gave up for good last June.

He gave up once before for ten months, but lapsed and went back to lighting up again.

This time, however, with today Wednesday, March 9, being national No Smoking Day, Peter says he has given up for good.

“I am very determined,” he said. “I smoked like a chimney for a long time and went up to smoking 30 or 40 a day from the age of 16 or 17.

“It is not easy to pack up. It is willpower. No matter what you take, patches or whatever, you have got to want to stop. I decided to stop and I am beginning to breathe better. I feel better in myself.”