Picture evoked fond memories


RE: Photo outside Somerfield Store.

The gentleman on the far right of the photo receiving the cheque from a Somerfield employee is my late husband.

David Parry was the director of Amber Valley Community Transport at the time, and held that position until sadly he died in 2005.

He had worked for AVCT tirelessly for many years, as a volunteer driver, taking groups out on trips as far afield as Manchester and Leeds, as well as driving on regular local runs for churches in the Amber Valley area.

He also spent a lot of time fundraising for AVCT, including seeking donations from local businesses and national enterprises, such as Somerfields.

Thankyou for publishing this photo, which brings back fond memories of my wonderful husband, whom I still miss very much.

If it is not too much to ask, I would really appreciate a copy of the photograph if that is at all possible.


Irene Parry