Pigeon attacks pair in street

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Two Ilkeston women have raised concern after a pigeon targeted them in a swooping attack this week.

The mother and daughter were walking back to their home in Pentridge Drive, in the Shipley View area of Ilkeston, when the bird began following them.

The pigeon, described as “balding”, followed the pair as they walked along two streets, before it then began dive-bombing them in a sudden attack.

One of the victims, who preferred not to be named, recalled the incident.

“Out of nowhere it just started launching itself right at my head,” she said.

“It followed us for two streets and dive-bombed me five times and mum twice before we ran back into the house.

“Before we could get the door open it went for me again!”

The woman lamented her previous kindness to pigeons.

“I once told a small child off for chasing them,” she said.

“That’s the last time I do a favour for a bird.”