Plan for homes at factory site

Abru Ladders Belper base, Derwentside Industrial Park.
Abru Ladders Belper base, Derwentside Industrial Park.

Tapton Estates have set out plans to demolish the old Abru ladders factory and build 136 homes in its place.

The plans for the six-hectare site just south of Belper town centre will mean significant work to make the ground safe for building on and may require work to remove contaminants.

A planning statement by David Lock Associates shows that the development will not affect the nearby Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site (WHS).

It reads: “Tapton Estates is committed to ensuring that any redevelopment proposed for the site is respective and sympathetic in its design and detailing to its wider setting close to the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site.

“Tapton Estates has previous experience in securing permission for redevelopment of former industrial land for residential use within this World Heritage Site.”

The site lies within the WHS buffer zone but buildings themselves are industrial in nature and are not as significant as many of the other important industrial structures within the WHS, for example, East Mill and Cromford Mill, as they are mostly 20th century-era.

The plans include a new publicly-accessible open space incorporating a play area, network of footpaths and retained and enhanced trees as informal parkland.

The development would use the existing vehicle access to Derby Road with modifications to ensure compliance with current highway standards.

The site is roughly 20 minutes’ walk from Belper town centre and the train station, and sits right next to bus stops on Derby Road (A6) which connect Belper to other nearby towns and Derby which offers regional retail and employment opportunities.

It is therefore considered to be a sustainable location in terms of nearby facilities and employment.

The site does lie next to the Belper and Milford conservation area, but views into the site from the conservation area are limited by significant tree cover around the perimeter of the site and the residential properties along Becksitch Lane.

David Lock Associates’ planning statement reads: “Based on the presumption that the new residential dwellings will be either similar height or less 
to the existing buildings, the assessment confirms that the development for residential use would have a neutral visual impact and would not significantly harm the setting of the conservation area.”

To read more about the plans, visit www.ambervalley.gov.uk and click ‘view a planning application’, searching for AVA/2017/0374.