Play centre staff will open up public loos

Bosses at a Belper play centre have been handed the keys to public toilets after they complained about abuse they were allegedly receiving when the nearby conveniences were closed.

Last week, the News told how staff at Belper Chucklebutties had reported people urinating against the side of their building when the nearby River Garden’s toilets were locked.

Now, Amber Valley Borough Council has offered the key to centre manager Steph Jansen and from now on, staff at the play centre will unlock the loos in the morning and close them at night, meaning people can use them throughout the day.

The centre is open seven days a week and Mrs Jansen said the toilets would be 
unlocked every day.

Previously the toilets at the River Gardens had no set opening times and were only open when a member of the 
borough council’s landscape services team happened to be working at the site off the main A6.

Belper’s Strutt Street will close at the end of March after three businesses agreed to fill the void by opening up theirs.

Toilets at the Triangle in Belper have already been closed down.