Police probe after two vandal attacks in village

police are investigating after vandals cut two large holes in a hedgerow in Horsley Woodhouse.

Parish councillors heard at their meeting that the holes were very precise and must have been cut with a saw.

The first one next to Horleston Recreation Ground in the village, which councillors think was cut by someone wanting easy access to the ground. The council had to spend £360 blocking it up again using steel fencing, it said in the latest edition of the parish council magazine, the Wudhus News.

But last month another attack took place and another hole was cut in the fencing 20 yards from the last one – and right next to a footpath.

A council spokesman said: Another opening has been cut quite deliberately; all the cuts have been made using a saw. This is wilful vandalism and damage. The police have been informed and inquiries commenced.”