Police seize booze

Alcohol seized by police in Belper
Alcohol seized by police in Belper

Police in Belper seized more than 50 containers of alcohol in one night from underage drinkers during their patrols in the town.

Special constables and officers from Belper Safer Neighbourhood Team confiscated a mixture of cans and bottles on Friday, February 25, in and around the town centre.

All of the booze was taken from underage drinkers and letters were sent to their parents.

Sgt Richard Booth, Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant for Belper, said: “By carrying out these high visibility patrols and confiscating alcohol we hope to send a strong message to anyone that is underage drinking that it will not be tolerated.

“Letters are sent home to the parents of youngsters caught underage drinking.

“If three letters are issued it is treated as an offence and further action will be taken.

“I would urge parents to make sure that their children know about the risks and to be aware of where they are and what they are doing during the evenings.”

Contact Belper Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0345 123 3333.