Policy to help shape derelict Tesco site

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breaking news

Councillors have voted to create new planning policies for the huge site owned by Tesco in Belper.

Belper Town Council voted to create a “neighbourhood plan” for the 30 acre Meadows Edge site off Derwent Street at a meeting on Tuesday, April 8.

Last year, Tesco confirmed they had dropped plans to build a megastore on the site and have since been preparing to sell off the land to developers.

The plan will allow people to ensure that when parts of the land are built on they are the right types of development for Belper.

Councillor Peter Shepherd said: “In our town some times democracy has disappeared. Here is a good opportunity for us to exercise democracy. This is what we are here for - to empower people.”

Concerns the plan would take too long to produce were raised by councillor Alan Cox.

He said: “A neighbourhood plan would not make much difference - it’s a sop to localism to make people think they are going to get power. What they are going to get is a big waste of taxpayers money.”

Eight councillors voted in favour of the plan, with two against.