Prison tour dispels myths of life on the inside

A GROUP of Amber Valley borough councillors have spent time in Nottingham prison – to help raise awareness of what life inside is really like.

The councillors tracked the route that prisoners going to the jail took, seeing the search area, health centre, bistro and the cell blocks as part of a tour organised by Amber Valley Community Safety Partnership to dispel popular myths about prison life.

Nottingham prison is the likely destination for criminals convicted in Derby and Chesterfield’s courts.

Cllr Chris Emmas-Williams, from the Codnor and Waingroves ward, one of those taking part, said: “It really brought home to me just how horrendous being in prison is – it is definitely not how many people imagine it.

I had thought that prisoners were given televisions and could watch what they like on them. This is not the case and it is just a small portable set.

A second party of councillors will make a visit to the prison later this month.