Public urged to attend Belper meeting

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A public meeting to discuss the possible creation of a neighbourhood plan for Belper - to help guide future developments in the town - is set to be staged later this month.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday July 15 at St John’s Chapel at 6.30pm.

A neighbourhood plan for the parish of Belper, which includes Milford, is being mooted and the meeting is the latest development in the proposals.

Belper Town Mayor Dan Booth says that any future plan must take the community’s needs into careful consideration.

He said: “The neighbourhood plan work isn’t being done by the town council but we have supported it.

“The key to neighbourhood planning is community involvement.

“We’re lucky in Belper that we have so many interested people who want to make a difference.

“We, as a town council, have a representative on the neighbourhood planning committee who will work with the community and give them support on our behalf.

“We all hope that future development in Belper will be done with the community needs in mind.”

Among items on the agenda for the meeting will be to outline the current situation regarding neighbourhood plans. A committee or working party will also be elected, while a subsequent meeting date is also expected to be announced.

If you have any enquiries, you can contact Cllr Gary Spendlove by emailing him at