Reader letter: Are CCTV cameras worthwhile?

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We have all heard the phrase ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ so I must ask, is CCTV being used to its full capacity in our towns and cities?

Vemotion supply wireless video technology that allows CCTV images to be transmitted at a low bandwidth from almost anywhere on earth with a signal and yet in our towns and cities councils are still relying, for the most part, on hard-wired fixed cameras to keep us safe.

Hard-wired technology is brilliant in the areas that it is set up – but what about areas where it is deemed not ‘cost effective’ to set up a CCTV unit?

Such as a particular area of a housing estate or a park where anti-social behaviour is a recurring problem?

Deploying fixed units here means red tape, paperwork and the laying of expensive cable so councils are often reticent to do it.

The result is that these situations can go unmonitored and the perpetrators unidentified. Vemotion’s technology allows CCTV feeds to be received from anywhere and an installation can be set up within minutes to be viewed by any number of different agencies.

Because there is no need for cables the installations can be temporary and they are cheap to install – councils could take notice of this and consider the benefits.

At a time when budgets are being squeezed it makes sense for agencies to collaborate, share footage, and look at areas where one CCTV unit can be used for many different purposes: to monitor flood sites, anti-social behaviour, crime, parking violations, etc.

Stewart McCone

Managing Director, Vemotion