Reader letter: Fault lies with the father

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Nobody could fail to be moved by the pictures in the press and on TV of the young Syrian lad who drowned off the coast of Turkey on his road to Europe.

However it was not our fault at all!

The fault lies with his father who paid £2,000 for a recklessly overcrowded rubber dinghy to get to Greece.

This family had been living in Turkey for over two year with his having a job and security.

They should have stayed in Turkey which is a Muslim country and thus suits their culture. The father admitted responsibility for his son’s death once he had gone back to bury his family. Those fleeing the war in Syria are refugees but once in a safe country they become migrants and responsible for their own activities.

It is an integral part of Islam to set up Sharia law throughout the world including England and Europe and whether these migrants realise it or not they are part of Islam’s invading army. There are too many Muslims here already and we must say ‘No more’. I don’t want my daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter being forced to wear a burka. Do you want to live in a Muslim England? Those who can get on the internet should look for Dale Hurd’s interview with Muslims in Belgium where Brussels is almost half Muslim now with Sharia law operating in parts.

We must say No to any more Muslim incomers and ask why the rich Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia are not taking in these migrants. They too are responsible for the death of that lad and thousands of others at sea.

Granville Stone