Reader letter: We should scrap borough council

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The newly elected Conservative government are implementing policies they were unable to do in coalition.

The Tory government are trying to thrust the so called Northern Powerhouse down the people’s throats by demanding elected Metro mayors.

Forty-two years ago another Conservative government decided to reorganise local government imposing councils the people of the United Kingdom did not want.

I believe rather than have so called combined authorities a referendum should be held to scrap councils such as Amber Valley.

Ripley has been politically vandalised I personally believe that Ripley, Alfreton, Belper and Heanor should be allowed to run their respective authorities.

This is the way councils should be run indeed I would like to see Ambergate, Heage, Marehay and Waingroves with their own parish councils

subject to the result of the referendum.

The last thing this country needs is some super authority as the Tory government is suggesting.

John Rotherham